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Our Soaps

The soap that we make is known as "old fashioned lye soap". But don't worry, there is no lye left in the soap once the oils have saponified. ALL SOAPS are made with lye. If there is no lye, then there is no soap. I encourage you to read more information about the soap making process. Cold process soaps are very popular because they are gentler than most commercial soaps and people with sensitive skin usually take well to these soaps.

We do not use synthetic colorants and fragrances in our soaps. We scent of our soaps with Essential Oils. The colors are from plant powders and natural clays.

Always be sure to check the label and research the ingredients. 

Thank you for supporting us!

Best Care Practices For Handcrafted Soap

DO keep your soap out of standing water 

DO keep your soap dry when not in use

DO use and enjoy your soap

DO store your unused/unopened soap in a cool, dry, ventilated area

DON'T let your soap sit in water

DON'T keep soap as a decoration

DON'T store soaps in humid, wet, hot areas

These guidelines will help prolong the life of your soap and will also help ensure that you get to use it in it's best condition. Unlike commercial soaps, our soaps don't have chemicals in them that would allow for a rougher environment. We hope that you can appreciate our decision to stay natural and that you will follow these few easy steps when using handcrafted soaps.