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"Naked" Packaging

"Naked" Packaging

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Here at Clean Botanics, we LOVE the environment. This love is why we make the eco-friendly products that we do, and we are always striving to make the best choices for our business.

We hope to continue to make better choices as we are able, such as compostable mailers (coming soon) and as much recyclable packaging as possible. 

But with any business comes waste. This is where you can help! We love making fancy labels and using the cutest packaging but it definitely isn't necessary. 

When you add this option to your cart, we will package your item "naked" which means no labels, no unnecessary bags, no thank you cards, etc. We will send your items with as little packaging as we can, while still ensuring it arrives safely.

As always you can view product information on our website, so labels aren't always necessary, especially if you are going to throw it away anyhow. For our soaps, it is actually totally legal to have no ingredient label!

Choosing this option is awesome because it helps us all feel like we are doing a little more to keep our Earth in good shape.