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8-9" Moderate Cloth Pads Bundle SECONDS

8-9" Moderate Cloth Pads Bundle SECONDS

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**Seconds Quality Items: May have defects such as topstitching, skipped stitches, spots with knotted stitching, wonky shapes, upside down prints, overlaps in sewing, items that don't lay flat, or any other defect that effects the appearance of the item, but the item will still function for the purpose it was made. Discounts will reflect the defect on each item. 

Items in this listing have various (AND/OR) topper, core, and backer materials. See below.

Number of Pads: 5

Approximate Length: 8" & 9"

Absorbency Level: Moderate

Topper Material: Cotton Woven AND/OR Cotton Lycra AND/OR DBP

Core Material: Zorb AND/OR Bamboo Fleece

Thread: Polyester 

Backer Material: Softshell Fleece AND/OR Antipill Fleece

Reusable cloth pads are the eco-friendly way to handle your period. Cloth pads are comfortable and great for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

How to wash: Feel free to research online about the various ways to wash your cloth pads. The bottom line is that it's just laundry, so don't worry! We recommend storing your pads in a bag or bin and washing as often as your are able during your cycle. Run a cold rinse cycle with no detergent to begin with, then run a cold wash with detergent on the setting for very soiled items. Run another rinse cycle if you desire. Dry on low heat or hang dry. Bleach is not recommended. Hot washes may set in stains. Adjust your wash routine to fit your needs. 

Disclaimer: Handmade items should be treated with care to prolong their life and use. Each product is inspected multiple times during the sewing process but small things such as a stray stitch or slightly uneven topstitching may occur. Any item passed through to be sold should be made to last. You can always contact us at any time with questions or concerns.